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The term “cryotherapy” can be translated from the Greek words cryo, meaning “cold,” and therapy, meaning “cure.” In the fields of Sports and Medicine, things like icing, ice baths, and ice massages have all been used to simulate “cold cures.” These methods of therapy can be used for a variety of applications, including reduction of pain, swelling, or inflammation.

Today, Mend Cryotherapy brings whole body cryotherapy to the Santa Clarita area. Cryotherapy reduces chronic inflammation and can help increase the benefits associated with traditional icing methods.

Instead of long torturous ice baths with temperatures that cannot be regulated, cryotherapy takes 2-3 minutes and is much more effective in implementing the healing process! Treatments also can have a number of aesthetic and beauty benefits, such as helping to reverse the signs of aging by boosting collagen production, and reducing cellulite, acne, and skin blemishes.

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The human body is a resilient machine, and many bodily functions and responses are largely unconscious. Though you do not necessarily think about things like breathing, contracting your muscles, digesting, or allowing your heart rate to increase, the body regulates these activities seamlessly through an extensive network of biological control systems.

Like any machine, however, these functions can become worn down by multiple factors overtime. Undergoing various types of preventative measures, as well as regular therapies such as cryotherapy, can help protect the body’s functions as well as restore the body to its fully functional state. Cryotherapy can keep you looking and feeling your best!

Freeze toxins and cool down with Mend Cryotherapy! To book a session, call our Santa Clarita cryotherapy clinic at (661) 443-3022. We also welcome walk-ins.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy - Learn More!

  • Pain Management: Many chronic pain sufferers have found relief through cryotherapy techniques. In fact, our company’s founder was able to recover from spinal surgery by undergoing regular cryotherapy sessions.
  • Weight Loss: In addition to hundreds of calories burned during 1 session, cryotherapy can help improve collagen production and boost metabolism. Additionally, many people report a visible reduction in cellulite.
  • Increased Energy: Endorphins are naturally released during the cryotherapy process. Endorphins are a group of hormones that get released into the body, and are considered a natural source of energy and pain-relief.
  • Health and Wellness: Cryotherapy offers a total body healing process unlike any other. From external benefits (like skin and hair health) to internal benefits (eliminate toxins), cryotherapy can help you feel good about chilling out.
  • Competitive Fitness: Many athletes (ranging from high school athletes to elite professionals) claim that cryotherapy has given them the competitive edge. It isn’t easy to stay ahead of the competition, but cryotherapy gives athletes the chance to always stay in peak fitness.

Chill Out in Three Minutes or Less!

Each session ranges anywhere between two to three minutes at most. This means you can get in and get out of our offices within 15 minutes from start to finish, every single time! It has never been easier to fit a little personal time for yourself – no matter how busy your schedule.

Ready to see how cryotherapy can benefit you? Call (661) 443-3022 and schedule a session with our friendly team! You can also come in and see how we do things for yourself - walk-ins are welcome!

The Science Behind Cryotherapy

  • 1

    Nitrogen gas blows into the Cryotherapy chamber. During this process, your skin’s surface temperature decreases from 93.2°F to 33.8°F, while keeping your internal body temperature intact.

  • 2

    While your skin reacts to the sudden drop in temperature, your body protects your internal organs by pushing blood to the core. A message is sent to the brain to stimulate regulatory functions in the body.

  • 3

    Blood vessels begin vasoconstriction and blood circulate internally. Red blood cells are enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes, while toxins are simultaneously flushed from the tissues.

  • 4

    The internal organs pump nutrient enriched blood to the surface tissues, muscle tissues, and joints. Endorphins, a type of hormone, are released, which stimulates pain relief to damaged areas.

  • 5

    Enriched blood will continue to flush through the body for up to five hours. You will experience healing benefits as your body recovers through the help of Cryotherapy techniques.

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