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Name: Glen HeesCustomer spotlight: Glen Hees

Q: Describe your journey (history, work, sports, pain, injuries or ailments) that led to your discovery of MEND Cryotherapy?

A: I am 62 years old and on October 26, 2016, I had my first treatment with MEND Cryotherapy. I had been suffering with lower back pain and stiffness for months due to arthritis in my lower back. I had developed sciatica symptoms of pain and numbness radiating down my left leg.

I was taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by my doctor and felt very lethargic from the medications. I now had an upset stomach as well from the drugs and was still having difficulty getting out of a chair.

Q: How did you hear about MEND Cryotherapy?

A: My wife is one the hairdressers on Dancing with the Stars television show and after a particularly bad morning for me with back pain, she told me that the pro-dancers on the show used cryotherapy to help them through the physical rigors of the sessions. I Googled “cryotherapy” and found MEND in Santa Clarita only 3 miles from my house.

Q: What was your first experience at MEND like?Customer Glenn during a cryotherapy session

A: My wife drove me to MEND Cryotherapy and limped in and sat down in the lobby. I met the owners, Matt and Chris, and Matt thoroughly explained the cryotherapy process and history. I decided to give it a try and with difficulty I stood up and had my first MEND Cryotherapy session. The two and a half minutes went quickly and painlessly in the cryo sauna and I got out.

Matt suggested that I sit down and relax for ten minutes and allow the cryotherapy to take effect. I sat down and exchanged small talk with Matt for 10 minutes and Matt said, “I saw you limp in and have trouble getting out of your chair you’re sitting in 10 minutes ago, try standing now and tell me how you’re doing?” I stood up cautiously. “Wow, that’s amazing!” I exclaimed. My sciatica symptoms and numbness radiating down my left leg were gone and I felt great. I went into MEND limping and came out skipping!

Q: How has Cryotherapy affected your life?

A: I have continued MEND Cryotherapy for the past several months about twice a week. I have not had any pain or numbness in my legs and my painful/stiff back is dramatically improved. I am 100% off my prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs and good-bye to the lethargic and upset stomach side-effects. I can get out of a chair effortlessly. I am back to working out in the gym, yoga a couple of days a week, and I bicycle 100 miles plus a week. I don’t even think of the sore back anymore, but I am continuing the MEND Cryotherapy treatments twice a week to stay this way. The cryotherapy treatments feel great for relief for the sore and muscles form all of my bike riding. I just completed the Solvang Century bike ride as well. Thank you MEND Cryotherapy!

Name: Heather OppenheimCustomer Spotlight: Heather Oppenheim

Q: Describe your journey (history, work, sports, pain, injuries or ailments) that led to your discovery of MEND Cryotherapy?

A: While weight training I dislocated my shoulder. Upon seeing a doctor, I was instructed to keep my arm and shoulder immobile for a longer period than was necessary. As a result, I had a frozen shoulder and have very limited mobility of my arm- unable to move or take the pain anymore, I began Cryotherapy.

Q: How did you hear about MEND Cryotherapy?

A: From my father who researched methods of therapy for pain and inflammation.

Q: What was your first experience at MEND like?

Customer Heather during cryotherapy session

A: It was excellent. My first time was informative and put me at ease about the process. Being sensitive to cold temperatures made me nervous, but pleasant conversation with the staff made the time fly by! The customer service has not changed since my first time and continues to be excellent.

Q: How has Cryotherapy affected your life?

A: Within one month of pure cryotherapy and without any physical therapy, I have 130 ° of my mobility of my arm out of 180°. Two months after my injury, I have seen a physical therapist who believes I will need far less physical therapy sessions and recommends I continue cryotherapy until full mobility is recovered.

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Tired of icing? Have other pain relief methods stopped working? Need a recovery method that gets you back in the game faster? Try Mend Cryotherapy! Our cutting-edge Cryotherapy chamber allows your skin to reach lower temperatures than other cooling methods, making your recovery time shorter and more effective!

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  • “I can not be more grateful..Thank you from the bottom of my heart..”

    James Michaelis
  • “They are very sociable and make you as comfortable as possible during your time with them.”

    Kevin Waller
  • “Best place ever! Staff is very professional and friendly! They have a lot more services than just cryotherapy.”

    Dana Hudson
  • “This location is tremendous! Great customer service every single time I visit.”

    Ricardo Gutierrez
  • “Cryo just helps with my whole body feeling nice and loose and a sweet boost of energy.”

    Kenny Loetz
  • “Absolutely loved this place. Everyone is very nice, and knowledgeable.”

    Jenna Spellman
  • “Love this place. I head over for cryotherapy anytime I’m sore from exercising or have stiff joints.”

    Dave Ponek
  • “Very nice and relaxing atmosphere”

  • “I had a great experience being helped by Chris and Matt”

    Edward O'Hare
  • “The staff is amazing and helpful, their equipment is top of line, and most importantly it works!”

    Brett Sorenson
  • “I love this place!!! Great service and I love all the different amenities they offer.”

    Cristina Dennis
  • “If you live in the area I highly recommend coming here! I’ll definitely be getting one of their memberships!”

    Dena Spellman
  • “Would recommend and would definitely go back.”

    Emmanuel Lopez
  • “I have tried the cryotherapy, compression and the Celluma Pro treatments and I love them all. I will definitely be returning.”

    Colin DeLong
  • “This was the most effective treatment that I’ve ever had for pain relief.”

    Amy Lustig