Sciatica & PEMF

Did you know sciatic nerve pain accounts for more than 40% of all back pain? It is also one of the most debilitating chronic injuries one can endure. Not only is it painful, but it limits one’s ability to properly sleep, work, or otherwise participate in normal everyday activities. In turn, many suffer the devastating aftermath, often slipping into depression or becoming addicted to pain meds.

What Are the Symptoms & Consequences of Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Anyone who suffers from sciatic nerve pain can attest to how life-altering and helpless this ailment can be. There are minimal viable options other than surgery or damaging injections, which do nothing to relieve symptoms such as pain in the lower back, hips, and legs. In more severe cases, victims suffer from numbness, muscular atrophy, and even the loss of bladder and bowel function.

At MEND Health & Wellness, we are constantly researching cutting-edge therapies to help our clients. Through our extensive research, we have found the holy grail of sciatic nerve relief, or any lower back pain: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. PEMF therapy is simple yet effective. It sends pulsed magnetic fields into your body and gives any damaged cells a recharge so they are able to reproduce healthier, rejuvenated cells. This therapy aids the healing process, helps repair and reactivate nerve pathways, and calms the present nerve pain--giving most individuals instant relief!

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At MEND Health & Wellness, we are proudly innovative in our services and consistently up-to-date on the latest technologies and procedures for patients seeking relief. Remember, not all PEMF devices are created equal. Even if you have tried this method before, you won’t regret giving us a try once you feel immediate results after your first session.

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