MEND Health & Wellness Relieves Pain in Competitive Athlete

One patient of cryotherapy had an excellent experience when he first tried it. He is a former competitive athlete who suffers from an enormous list of injuries he has acquired over the years, including severed tendons, broken bones, and temporary paralysis on the upper left side of his body.

He tried every other possible treatment to help alleviate his pain, and nothing worked. Then, he heard about cryotherapy a few years ago, tried it, and felt complete relief for the first time. According to him, he feels zero pain anymore from his old injuries. That patient is one of our co-founders.

Matt Browning, the patient, used to own a medical consultant firm he wasn’t passionate about. After the cryotherapy treatment, however, he got excited about the possibilities. Matt took his career in a new direction and opened his own cryotherapy business with his brother, Chris. He now gets to share these life-changing benefits he experienced with other people who are suffering constant pain as a result of aging or injury.

Mend Therapy, Matt and Chris’s business, is a Valencia, family-owned small business, and the brothers try to convey that sense of family to their customers. After a consultation with a staff member, a new client can register with the Mend team and are walked through the entire process by a technician who stays with them the whole time.

To find out more about Mend Therapy, or to schedule an appointment, contact our clinic at (661) 294-7898 or fill out our online form with your information. Cryotherapy can be used to improve aesthetics, relieve pain, and improve fitness. Talk to us about what you would like to accomplish with your treatments. Call us today!